Paysa (formerly CompGenome) used data science to provide compensation data for careers in high tech. Paysa would use data provided by the user regarding their current job title, education, skills, and past work to generate a market salary estimate detailing what the user was potentially worth when looking for their next job.

The team came to me with the following implemented designs, and wanted to know what they could do to improve. The screen on the left was the default page and the screen on the right appeared when the user drilled down into a specific role.

The idea behind Career Builder was to collect changes the user was willing to make that could potentially increase their market value and open a wider selection of jobs to them.

The company pages showed current jobs along with their range, median, and mean salary packages. Users could also see what companies new employees were coming from and what companies existing employees were leaving for.

When logged in and drilled down into a specific job, the system would compare your current salary with the market salary for that job and tell you if you’re worth more or less in that role than you’re being paid. Users could also see the breakdown of the total market salary via a visualization that showed all the pieces that made up the estimate. This could include the company, tenure, job type, and skills. The team also considered the idea of networking within the site, where a user could share their market value with another user, or they could invite people to Paysa by sharing market salary. The user’s actual, current salary was never shared or shown.

New users were encouraged to build a “Paysa profile” to collect as much information as possible to build an accurate market value assessment. All information was optional but the more supplied the better the estimate.

As the product progressed, we were able to show more value via the UI. This screen shows the specific company page with incoming and outgoing talent, top opportunities, similar profiles, and profiles for individual job titles.

The Company Rank page visualized companies’ new hires vs. attrition and ranked them accordingly. Users could see which companies were trending job-wise and drag and drop to compare them to each other.

Mobile version of the company rank page and the gestures for navigating.